It's Time to Make Your Journey to Retirement Safe, Exciting & Peaceful.

Hi! I'm Bibi Apampa, (The Retirement Queen) a Business Mentor, Wealth Strategist and Nigeria's No1 Retirement Planning Coach.

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Common Retirement Questions

When should I start planning my retirement?

As early as age 35; long term plans afford the opportunity of the best retirement.

What must I have to be sure retirement will be safe?

Combination of wealth and health is your primary need.

Do I need a coach to guide me towards successful retirement?

Yes, if you really want to avoid losing time and money.

How much money do I need to retire successfully?

 It's not the volume of savings you've got that matters but the volume of investments with promising ROI.

What type of investment is safe enough for me?

Your investment should cut across generating active and passive income. Check out types of investment on our Blog Posts. 

Bibi Apampa is a successful Serial Entrpreneur, Chatered Accountant, International Speaker, Trainer, Business Coach and No1 Amazon Best Selling Author.


Get a Personalized High Performance Coaching Strategy specifically tailored for your individual need, environment and situation.


This special program gives you all the support, advice and encouragement you need to enjoy health, wisdom, peace and wealth in retirement. My team of experts and I will coach you intensively.


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Let’s face facts, it doesn’t just take age to retire… It takes Strategic Planning, Money, Information & Wisdom!

-Bibi Apampa 


Do you want a headway in life or a headache in life? I'm sure you'd prefer making headway. And if this must happen, you've got through investments that will guarantee a peaceful retirement. 

The lessons I have learnt about money passed to me the understanding that 'money is not always with us if we are not always with it'.  

The music of wealth or the noise of want

Wealth is music to the ear while living in wants is living in noise. The environment of the wealthy isn't noisy but cool, calm and collected but the environment of the poor is lousy and uncontrolled. Understanding the nature of this duo will keep you in the right path.

Wealth isn't created by doing many things (jack of all), this only brings poverty.

What Others Say


Bibi has an amazing ability to break down complex challenges in the area of Financial Empowerment and Wealth Creation into bite size easy to follow tips and strategies aimed at empowering you, to excel succeed and prosper. It was fun working with her in building my investment portfolio while learning more about myself and the skills I can use to become more successful at work and home.


 Watford UK


Reading the Peaceful Retirement Planning has greatly impacted my mindset about money, investments and how it works. I can't but keep these lessons dear to my heart. I will recommend it to many.

Emmanuel Agunbiade 

Abuja, Nigeria


I have watched Bibi Apampa's delivery over the years and I must commend her consistency in giving the best at every opportunity she has to coach and impact people. She's one of the best I know.

Dr. Adesola

Ibadan, Nigeria

How Money Works

Understanding the money game and learning the strategy behind growing money is a must for you!

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